Car Administration Software

TaskConception, Wireframing and Interface Design of the new car administration Software CarAdmin.
Responsiv Design
Design Pages
Client Electric Time Car AS

For our customer Electric Time Car AS in Norway, we developed a completely new Layout and Design for the “CarAdmin” Car Administration Software. The main focus was on simplifying the usage as well as developing a responsive structure for all terminal devices. By repeatedly incorporating coulour-schemes and graphical elements we ended up developing a simple and unique product in its handling.


Intuitive Interface

Our objective was to simplify the control panels.
Through groupings of functions and surfaces a clear division between “function” and “information” was reached with clearly defined domains.


Clear Menu-Structure


All necessary functions as to use the navigation are located on the left hand side of the screen.
A hierarchical arrangement of the functions as well as colour-schemes ease the handling of the system and enables an intuitive operation.
This is supported by the fixed placement of certain functions, such as menu, shortcuts, index, and location filter.