Flexible Workplace | Add+

TaskDeveloping of an Coworking workspace und elements to expand and improve the work place.

The coworking item Add+ is a mobile workplace, set up and dismantled easily. Both in use and resting it takes only little space and enables the coworker to use it according to her needs with many different possibilities to expand the work place. Thanks to the opportunity to combine and assemble different working stations this item can be used by a single worker or by an entire team. The five main elements of the working place are a base, a large tabletop, a table leg, a second smaller tabletop and drawers. These elements can be combined in a space-saving manner and are mobile and thus freely positionable by the user. There is a range of options how you can extend Add+ and adjust it to your needs as to make working uncomplicated and more efficient.

Style Guide for Coworking furniture

Based on our research and analysis we identified the following tasks for the product.

It is developed for Coworking Spaces.
It is an expandable system.
It enables flexible work.
It is supportive.
It is customizable.
It gives the worker her personal space.




Experimental Models

The ergonomics, size- and component ratio, stability, and especially the product’s functionalities are best verified with the use of helpful preceding models and mockups. This process is substantial for developing products and designs further because in using models were able to verify and improve them in terms of their preferences and construction.

Arbeitsplatz Desk flexible Konstruktion Mock up
Arbeitsplatz Desk flexible Konstruktion Mock up

Final Design



Arbeitsplatz flecible Desk Blech Konstruktion Kanten Working
Arbeitsplatz flecible Desk Blech Konstruktion Kanten Working


Setting Add+ up can be done by one person and takes less than two minutes. The user decides whether she wants storage compartments, a visual cover, whiteboards, distributors and extends the storage room as she sees fit.
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