Cultural Estate Saathain

Task Conception of a reconstruction of the estate Saathain to a cultural complex. Design and construction in existing contexts.
Period 2011
Expertise Design

The task was to convert former estate Saathain to a cultural estate and thus be the central point for arts and culture in south Brandenburg. Through the combination of new buildings and bodies with the existing, this urban development concept creates a new and optimized structure of perception for the visitor. The idea was to combine the two yards instead of viewing them as distinct entities. The current garage building is now a public arts school for students of all ages. In the larger outbuilding are seven apartments for visiting artists, out of which four are studio apartments.
The tower is a central reference point of the estate- it marks the center of the complex and is a gap between card and garden.
The new restaurant annex on the castle hill, open towards rose garden and summer terrace.

Gut Saathain


 Künstlerwohnung EG I OG


 Künstlerwohnung Schnitt




Art School I Tower


Innenhof Gut Saathain