Housing for Keys | K2M

TaskConstructional simplification and redesign of the key casing
ClientElectric Time Car AS

For the administration of cars in one corporation, most of the time secured and individually accessible key cabinets are used. Together with the customer Electric Time Car AS from Norway, we developed a cabinet where the handling of such a key-administration box is revised and simplified. Therefore, the mechanical parts didn’t have to be changed and central to this product was further developing the shell itself. An entirely new complexion was put on the initially “uninspired” box through minimal changes. On the one hand the front side now has a more gripping appearance, on the other hand the product improved ergonomically because the different functionalities such as usage (signal light, Schlüsselöffnung) and branding have been placed on different levels.


 Redesign Housing – step by step


Optimization: Cover

A clear aesthetic improvement was to move the cover plate of the safety closures from the front face to the inside.


Novelty: Status Display

The handling is very simple—green and red light signal whether the respective key is accessible or locked. Unlike the initial product, we moved the LED displays from the front to the inside of the case, into the keychain-ports. Thus the front face is visually relieved and modernized. As to use the key chains as status indicators, they are produced out of transparent plastic and can thus be illuminated.


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