Analyser | Alpha Quant

TaskDesign and Construction of an NLS Analysis Instrument.
Production Support
Clientdr.reinwald healthcare gmbH

In the classical medicine working with designers has been well established for years already because they wanted to develop functionally and aesthetically high-quality products. In the area of alternative medicine this collaboration was neglected for a long time. Thus the products appear to be “unfinished” and to some extent without any aesthetic conception. What is missing is an individual product language as to make the products more attractive for the target group. This was first priority when developing alphaquant®. We increasingly simplified the shape of the modules through incorporating geometric basic bodies as well as applying basic aesthetic principles. In doing so we were able not only to develop an optical appealing product but we also wanted to take care of making affordable a small-series production by regional corporations possible.


The entire device consists of three modules – analyzer, resonance chamber and the gauge with a complementing pedestal. First priority was the holistic design of the different modules – each separately and all together. We have developed a friendly and at the same time high-quality product language, which has been new to the area of alternative medicine.


Analysis Instrument



During the treatment the patient hangs the gauge around her neck. With help of the cords the device’s height can be easily adjusted. The circular, cylindrical shape creates a friendly and hygienic character. All materials can be washed and cleaned easily.



When not in use, the gauge can be placed in the respective pedestal and is thus stored safely.


Resonance chamber

As for the treatment it is of importance to optimize and influence the results with help of test agents. Here too, we focused on modest geometric shapes and with details such as the chamfer and the black base plate the design is rounded out.



Final Instrument