eBike Housing

TaskDrafting and development of the electronic components of an eBike for training-purposes
Period2010 - 2011
ClientEmerge Engineering GmbH

For Emerge Engineering a electric bicycle was developed for training purposes. What was most challenging was the optimal embedment of the engine control unit in the bike without neglecting all aesthetic and functional aspects. The elaborate details that have been incorporated, such as the heatsink that is integrated in the shell, the all-round band as well as the newly developed cable clamps, underline this high-quality product.
Dividing the shells for the battery from the engine control into two parts had two reasons. On the one hand the division was realized visually. On the other hand students now have access to the components individually.


A pedelec for research and education porpuses


For the renowned DHBW Stuttgart (Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University Stuttgart) we have conceptualised and realised the Pedelec on behalf of Emerge Engineering GmbH. In the area of electro mobility electronic bikes have been playing an important role. The system we have conceptualised had to serve the individual needs of the students. Therefore we adopted a unique approach to realise the shell of the engine control unit that enables the students’ training for all purposes. Lehrprojektpräsentation an der DHBW Stuttgart




eBike Sketch Zeichnung Skizze

eBike Fahrrad Akku Design elektro


eBike Fahrrad konstruktion Gehäuse elektro