TaskDesign and Production of an 18m chronic-board.




ClientWolff & Müller Baustoffe GmbH

The company Wolff & Müller GmbH has been winning different kinds of quartz sand and slicic for over 120 years in seven different locations, relevant to a manifold of industries. As to make the history, long tradition and know-how of the company available to the employees, guests and clients, a unique timeline board was worked out in an extensive project. Starting from the extensive historic and also current information material on the company, we had to initially learn more about the company and develop an underlying structure for the presentation. After the long initial phase of analysis, we were able to go into the next step of developing it.

Basic Structure



Underlying to the composition of the chronic-board was to work out the history and structure of the firm Wolff & Müller. Thus, the provided documents such as texts, images and newspaper articles were looked through as to be able to get an overview of the company and develop a fundamental structure for presentation.


Content Arrangement



The structure relies on four components: Location, winning, utilization, time.
The primary task was to present those four components in a clear and conceivable manner. This resulted in three different concepts for presentation:
A chronological view, one based on the locations and a third, combining both options.


Design Concept 



The design bases on two core elements: On the one hand the visibility of the artistic elements from a long distance. On the other hand, the visual interplay between the red time-band and the content-delivering areas.

Due to the fact that the board is built in distance to the traffic routes, it was an important task to ensure an interesting long-distance effect, besides the detailed elements. The unique design of the time-band, taking its way throughout the board and the provided information, was established due to the client’s wish of an unconventional and prominent overall look.






The main design elements are constituted by the single modules of the board: Locations, winning the material, and utllization with a time-band winding itself through the different modules. It was especially important to achieve a clear visibility of the time-band, dates and locations.